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Kerala Folklore Museum is providing art consultancy services to enable  art education to the art collectors, and those who are interested to purchase art as an investment, and those who are passionate in art but hesitating to buy art, because of lack of knowledge in value and market prices.

Museum has wide contact, vast experience and net work with art collectors, property owners, small art dealers and shops scattered in different states of India, hereditary art collection, individual possessions etc, who wishes to sell their collections. The promoters of Kerala Folklore Museum are well experienced in ancient art for more than 40 years and having close contact with many of the above people. This exhibition cum sales room is a separate gallery and intending to create awareness to the art lovers, enable them to purchase art with the right prices. Museum is taking responsibility and arranging all facilities for buying and in return, charging a nominal fees, from the sellers. The buyers are provided with authentic certificate, cataloguing the art object, taking initiative of packing, forwarding, insurance, parcel/ shipping, executing the legal formalities – and money back guarantee for the art purchases by Kerala Folklore Museum.

All the purchase and transaction formalities are legal which will enable the buyers with provenance and 100% value for their investment. Museum’s panel of art consultants include archeological experts, responsible and highly experienced art dealers, and eminent scholors engaged in ancient art, folk art, tribal art and folklore studies. The following catalogue gives you a wide range of artifacts. The whole information including the prices will be available on request at a click on the object. You can also make any quiries to  our email: & Tel : 09446096499/0944706649

Kerala Folklore Museum is providing valuable informations and knowledge to the art lovers to propagate traditional art and to preserve culture & heritage. The service charge from the seller’s side may enable to maintain the museum and to equip self sufficiency for the daily maintenances. Those who are interested to make private museums or art accumulations may contact us for setting up museum project. We will be undertaking and implementing all necessary activities for the art accumulation


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