Face Art Gallery, Expressions of Culture and Heritage

Art is the impulse of human creativity. Kerala Folklore Museum has a huge collection of ethnic artifacts from 8000 b.c. to the 20th century. We value the heritage and traditional art as well as the creativity and expressions of the modern contemporary artists.

From our study, it is revealed that there are many artists who are unable to sell their creativity to the galleries or they do not have a platform to sell their art works. Face art gallery is an attempt to showcase the art works and to try to bring the art lovers and buyers into a single platform, thereby introducing the artists and their works to the numerous art markets around India and other foreign destinations.

Another aim is to find emerging young and talented artists and their creations, and introducing them to the art market for passion as well as an investment. This face art gallery stands as a link between artists and art lovers /investors, thereby equipping the artist to have a better remuneration to the art works as well as prestige and popularity to art and culture.


Painting Exhibition - Face Art Gallery conduct painting exhibition of professional painters
Antique Exhibition - Face Art Gallery conduct antique (art) exhibition in the area of art

Painting Exhibition






Painting Gallery for sale At Face Art Gallery ,
we can buy paintings from gallery collections

Face Art Painting Gallery



Art Exhibition





Antique Gallery for sale - At Face Art gallery ,
we can buy antiques from our exhibited collections.

Art Gallery










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